Saturday, April 29, 2017

2016 Project Life... Done!

Hello fellow crafters!

Summer means catching up time for my scraps and other crafts,  YaHoo for that! Finally, I'm done with my Project Life for last year. I think the piling up of photos for the current year motivated me to move my hands to finish my last year's backlog. I just love the memory making all the way... lookie!

Eversince, I do my Project Life on a monthly manner, when others normally do theirs on a weekly theme. Since I went back to work, I haven't done much 12x12 layouts but instead I found Project Life much exciting in capturing all my family"s memory making. My basic supplies for this year's batch is my favorite Simple Stories' Daily Grind kit, some washi tapes, a lot of buttons, stamping and cardstocks. There is no really good or bad way on doing Project Life, it's basically keeping your memories alive for the coming generations of your family to see. That's what I love most in scrapbooking!

So, happy SUMMER creating!
TFL as always!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Off from Work for Four Good Days...

It is Holy Week in the Philippines!

Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday are official holidays off from work... and it is just PERFECT to stay at home and reflect on Jesus Christ's own walk thru life. For me, reflection was done yesterday during the family tradition of Pabasa (8-12 hours of singing the passion of Christ). Today is Holy Thursday, and its ME time I declare!

My mind is battling over repotting my plants or scrapping my tons of photo backlogs. Hubby told me to repot my succulents and cactus late this afternoon, so I guess I have to really stay up stairs and start playing with my scissors and cutters. Here's sharing my two loves at the moment...

... and the FUN starts now!


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dusting my Zutter

In a few weeks from now, summer will be officially here in the Philippines. So this means I need to dust off my scraproom again. Its the time of year when I find more time to stay upstairs and keep my hands and creative juices flowing. Well, I'm starting off with a "rush" guest book for the debut of a high school classmate's daughter. My Zutter is out to play!

CJ at 18! I used here cardstocks for its pages, DCWV's The Birthday Wishes Stack, K & Company paper flowers and AC Thickers puffy letter sticers. Happy 18th Birthday CJ, hope this little book gives you lots of happy memories. 

My creative cap leans to sewing and gardening this past few weeks. I am hoping to be back sitting in my scrap haven very soon... so please stay tuned!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you 2016... Hello 2017!

It's the last day of the year...
Time moves so fast and 2016 will soon be a history. Looking back at my blog, I only posted twice this year. Work is taking much of my time and my creating needs to take the back seat for a while.  And so, this kept me on for 2016...

My Lorenzo
He turned 12 this March and as usual, he just had a simple celebration with his classmates and school friends here at home. Another milestone happened in summer, when he had his circumcision! Dr. Marius Moran did the procedure on May 15 in his clinic at LBDH. He's no longer a little boy now! As months passed by, I realized he was almost my height.  And this Christmas, he bought a VR toy from his money. 

My Luigi
He turned 23 this September and we celebrated it at Ryuma, Paseo de Sta. Rosa. He attended his school retreat in February and filed for his Terminal Clearance for Graduation in November. At last, he will be graduating this coming April! 

My Family
My brother Louie and his wife Hayk came home in April. So we were together for almost 3 weeks this year. My Mom celebrated her 77th birthday in July. She did not ask for a ballroom party or travel this year, instead we just had a happy lunch at Coca at SM Aura. My kids are growing up so fast, but I can say that I am enjoying them more now... we find time to stroll around just walking and eating anything, we talk about life and their teen life, we bond before we go to sleep and everything is just fun!

 My work
Its my 4th semester this November as STI Calamba's GE Head. The coming of the Senior Highschool in June was a total challenge to the Academic Department. Very hard though, but our team is up to face the growing number of students and challenges. GMA Channel 7 broadcaster Jiggy Manicad visited our campus in October and continued his lecture series. So far, I am still enjoying my work! 9-12 hours of teaching in a week and the rest are for admin responsibilities.

My Family's Escapades
Early this year, my Auntie Linda and Uncle Bill came home from Delaware, USA. We had a trip up north with the Alicbusans, the whole family went to Vigan, Illocos Sur, Batac, Ilocos Norte and Baguio City. Then, we went back to Baguio in April with my brother Louie. The Virtucio kids were complete twice this year. Its so great to see them all together!

My Scraps
I discovered Printables at Pinterest! So this Christmas season, I printed my gift tags, they are soooo colorful and very bright. On the other hand, I only scrapped 12 pages for 2016 and they were all Georgina's. My Project Life is laid out already, and I am still waiting for some more holiday pictures before the year ends. Hopefully, I will have to prioritize my weekends with physical exercise and a lot of scrapping.

2016 is a year of contentment and simple happiness. I started a daily chat with the Lord through happy prayers and a thankful heart. Again, I wish for good health for me and my family, many memory making and togetherness, more time to rest and sleep, and more morning scrapping. Thank you Lord Jesus for taking care of me and my family as always!

Blissful 2017 Everyone!
and may God bless us all!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Project Life 2015

Hello everyone!

It has been 3 months since I last uploaded. Well, I am still excited to scrap and blog! I just finished scrapping and journalling my Project Life for 2015. I am so behind, I know, but I am working on my 2016 backlog and keeping my memories updated. Working is eating much of my time, but I see to it that I get to play during my weekends. I make sure that life is in a good balance specially now that my kids are quickly growing up and my days are moving so fast. Other than that, LIFE is totally good to me.

Here is my Project Life 2015...

I used assorted brands and embellishments for this year's PL. I seldom buy stash now since my scraproom is still stuffed with scrappy goodness although they are quite old and dusty, I still love them. It is very hard to take pictures of PL pages because of the plastic pages and its light reflections. So please bear with my shots, hahaha! I just like to share my pages.

TFL and happy creating as always!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

For the LOVE of Babies!

I have been watching a lot of diaper cake tutorials in You Tube, but I simply don't have the guts to do it. I got an old Easter egg basket and finally had my fingers moving. I bought some baby things for a co-faculty who's been on the waiting line to pop. With my wired ribbons, some popsicle sticks, tapes and hot glue, here's my little bunch of surprise...

Hope she likes it!

I finally dusted off my scraproom last Good Friday (we celebrated Holy Week in the Philippines and its a super holiday!). Rearranged a few drawers, moved some tables and finally started working on my CREATE letters. Watch out!

Second semester of school year 2015-16 is finally over and I'm slowing down on work. Hopefully there will be no more work on Saturdays so I can play and scrap. Summer is in the air and its time once again to create memories with the kids and the family.

TFL, til the next creation peeps! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015... Hello 2016!

2015 will soon be part of our history. 
I want to thank 2015 for all the achievements, happy memories and lessons learned it gave me. Indeed it was a year of  blessings and with a thankful heart, I want to praise the Lord for each day that passed that He never failed me and my family. Here's my 2015...

My Lorenzo
He turned 11 this year, and is getting bigger and bigger each day. In a few months, I'm sure he will be taller than me. He gave us another Silver for an Academic Achiever Award in Grade 4. And this June, he's on his 5th Grade. Then towards the last quarter of the year, he finally learned to drive a bike. It took him a lot of courage and patience to make it on his own. So when he asked for his Christmas money, he decided to buy a mini-mountain bike. My baby is starting to eye for nice shirts, men's accessories, hair gels and sprays, and became a shoe-addict. I wish my little Chuy will slow down a bit... I know he's no longer a baby!

My Luigi
I can't believe he is now 22 years old?! He just finished his thesis proposal defense in October and now working on the results and discussions. Very soon and hopefully, my eldest will be graduating in college. He is more matured and focused now, but still loves to eat and play. 

 My Sweet Success
I graduated in March and finally an MBA now. I will never forget the fruitful 7 semesters of learning and the friendships I made along the way. This success will not be possible without the prayers of my Mom, the sharing of ideas of my adviser Dr. Evangeline Pasion, my thesis professors Dr. Nimfa Gamban and Dr. Bobbet Revilla, my thesis statistician Dr. Jayjay Meneses and my thesis panelists Dr. Lalaine Ocampo, Arch. Mark delos Santos and Ms. Ana Rose Colarina. 

My Memory Making 
Making memories is very important to me eversince I started scrapbooking. Its not just documenting them in paper, but bringing the joy of experience and memories for my children. This year, our family went to the Ilocos province up north. We saw the beaches of Pagudpud, the windmills of Bangui, the museums of the Marcoses in Laoag, the golden mansion of Chavit Singson and the brick streets of Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Those are this year's contributions in the piggy bank of travels of my boys. 

 My Escapades
My ME time this year was spent in Ho Chi Minh, Vietman or the famous Saigon. The plan of travelling with my mentor Dr. Pasion and classmate Ma'am Angie finally came true. I remember our bags and shirts shopping, eating galore, strolling around the rich's place and tons of picture taking.  

My Work
After my MBA graduation, I am now the General Education Head of our school. A lot of paper works, physical works, mancomm meetings, memo making and management practice, and 9 units of teaching... I embraced them all with a happy disposition, positive attitude and contentment. I wanted to level off stress with enjoyment of friendships and learning. I'm on my 2nd term now, 4 more semesters for the goal!

 My Scraps
Yup, I still scrap! I made 108 12x12 layouts and 16 pages of Project Life this year. I made a few frames and other altered projects as well. But my greatest creating achievement for the year was Georgina Marie's year 1 & 2 scrapbook albums. Again, designing girl pages was totally a challenge for me, but my cousin was happy for the results, so I guess I did justice somehow. I cannot live without scrapping, I guess I just need to make time for it soon.

So this was my 2015! I am so THANKFUL for everything that it gave me and my family. I wish for a healthy and less stress 2016. Oh before I forget, 2016 is the year of the Monkey! I am a Monkey, so this may spell luck and wishes come true in a few hours!

Happy NEW Year Everyone!
May the love and blessings of the Monkey be with US all!