Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank you 2014... Hello 2015!

In a few hours from now, we will welcome 2015!
But first, I want to thank 2014... although it was not a favorable year for me (that's according to Feng Shui), I still have a lot of things and blessings to be thankful for. Looking back for now...

2014 was a good year for my little Lorenzo... he turned 10 in March and had a bit of a celebration with our family and his close friends. He got another silver medal for being an Academic Achiever in Grade 3. Although we did not have much summer fun this year, we had a little family getaway with the Virtucios'. Sad that we went out right after the burial of Uncle Eddie Virtucio who died in May, we also celebrated Uncle Omy's homecoming. And finally, the next generation of the Virtucios' were complete... Luigi, Mianne, Lorenzo, Wimpy, Ivan, DK, Pia and Georgina.

Mid of this year were full of celebration! My brother Louie came home to celebrate our Mom's 75th birthday. Typhoon Glenda swept us to MOA for some eat all you can feast at YakiMix and a pre-Christmas shopping for the kids. Mommy turned 75 in July 23 and partied at David's Tea House in Calamba City. Thank God for her good health and for being the prayer warrior of the family.

I had the journey of my life this year! I had another trip to Bangkok, Thailand in July with friends Mai and Jake. Took this breather in between my thesis writing and defenses for my MBA degree. I finished my final and colloquium defenses in October with very minor revisions. Then to my surprise, I had an impromptu graduation pictorial right after my final defense. I am so excited for my graduation in March 2015.

My eldest baby boy Luigi turned 21 in September. I am so proud of him... although he haven't graduated yet, its totally OK! He was left with 30+ units in college, slowly maturing from a teenager to a young SINGLE man. Yup, single and detached from his ex-GF of years. He gave me a Starbucks' mug for Christmas, so thoughtful! My two boys are growing up and my other boy is getting old, hahha! But please, no signs of being a granny this time.

I turned 46 this year! Being a mom, a teacher and a student were all very fulfilling. I had peace with my HRM and TM students, and I am now teaching POM and Entrepreneurship aside from Economics. Lorenzo had his first communion in December, he was so cute on his black bow. This year, Letran Calamba celebrated its 35th year and I was one of the 25 year-Jubilarian in college. Well, I was really happy to be home.

Scrapbooking took the back seat again for this year. But now that I am almost finished with my masters degree and pretty much adjusted to a full-time work, I can feel that creating will be back very soon. I have done 34 12x12 layouts, 8 framed calendars, 6 picture frames and 4 stick-ons holders this year. I almost forgot, I blogged 8 times this year as well, tsk I am not so creative this year! I need a lot of time to catch up with my 2014 project life.

Well, in spite everything, I still have a LOT to be thankful for! I want to thank the good Lord for the every mornings of 2014 and the many more mornings that will be coming; the blessings of rationality, humility and patience for my major journeys this year; the strength of the body and faith to face all challenges of life; for the love for my family and my boys, and friendships. Thanking you Lord won't be enough, I know.

Greetings from my little family to yours...
Thank you 2014! Hello 2015!

TFL and see you next year!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It's great to be creating once again! 

I've been both busy with work and a little on scrapping. As usual, I am still doing my personalized Christmas presents and for this year, I still made a lot of framed calendars and now scrapped picture frames. I made use of my paper scraps, some Thailand paper flowers, chipboards, cardstocks, ribbons and native twine.  

Its 10 days before Christmas and everyone is busy shopping and wrapping presents. I'm done decorating our little home and 90% done with Christmas shopping. I wish to finish my lessons and prelim grades before the year ends, and of course, the final hard bound copies of my thesis. Other than these, I am on Christmas vacation mode already... can't wait!

Thanks for looking as always!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Back to my normal life...

YES! Life is slowly going back to normal after 28 months of studying and keeping away my cutters and scissors. I feel great to finish 27 pages of 12 x 12 layouts and 3 calendars on frame. Here's my week's accomplishments...

I took advantage of my little break from teaching and the waiting game from my thesis language editing. It took awhile for me to put back my scrapping mood, clean and re-organize my scraproom upstairs, and eventually create again. I am back on scrapbooking for service and at the same time, making Christmas presents since its less than 50 days before Christmas once again. The calendars are made from wooden frames, kraft papers, native twine, paper flowers and old scraps of Sassafras papers.

I am just happy I'm back again... scrapping, blogging and creating.

Thanks for looking, as always.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Bangkok Experience!

It was my second time in Bangkok, Thailand and I just had a great time! The first trip I had was in 2012 with my scrap buddies Ytet and Timi. We visited a lot of temples, rode the famous tuktuk, and hunted the flower store in Chatuchak Market. Well, this time, I was with workmates Jake and Mai and I had more discoveries... 

The airport walk was soo long upon arrival, but I was not bored seeing those lovely flowers and orchids greeting us tourists. That pink taxi! We found it cute riding that hot pink taxi, but! We learned that it was not safe to ride them, because they are privately owned and drivers can easily fool you (well, our hotel owner told and warned us!). Finally, another temple tour at the city side.

I think, my second favorite food now is Thai Food! They were all over the place and whether they are in the mall, resto or sidewalk, they all looked delicious. Thai culture is so rich, we got to feel it in the airport just before we left for home. Made me think of planning another trip next year!

Every meal I had in Bangkok for four days were all with papaya salad, I love it! A Filipina friend Cel treated us for an "eat all you can" at Mukata, where she taught me how to make my own papaya salad. It was another experience.

Our third day was spent at Chatuchak Market (of course!). I needed to go back and find those flower stores  again. This time there were many of them selling flowers, BUT! they are sooo expensive, I couldn't buy much. 

Ok, it has been more than 4 months since I last blogged! I am still full with my thesis writing until now and... I haven't scrapped since early this year, so I really have nothing to post for now. What's pushing me now is to finish my research writing so I can go back to normal life and scrapbooking. 

Counting the weeks... TFL! as always.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lorenzo's 10th Birthday!

I was just so inspired with a lot of scrapbook pages and designs this past few days, and finally found a little break to work on Lorenzo's 10th Birthday photos. Let me share them with you...


As you turn 10 Today... Lorenzo asked for Lego-Chima party theme for his 10th birthday. It was so hard to collect Chima stuff, good that I found mini toys at Divisoria to fit his loot bags. And one more thing, I stick with the color pallet instead, to get a uniform theme rather than having those Chima faces posted. I used here DCWV pps and cardstocks, Simple Stories pps and stickers, WRMK tag, native twine and ribbons. 

Party Prep!..  Had this multi-picture layout to show the food, dessert table and program preparations I made for this celebration. Took me 3 weeks to get everything together and I was just happy! I used here DCWV pps, Simple Stories pps and stickers, Project Life card from Helga, native twine and buttons.

Our Party Guests... We are so thankful for our families and friends who came to celebrate with us. Here's a simple multi-picture page using a 3D paper, it gave depth and dimension to the photos. I used here DCWV pps, cardstock and tag. The title was a cameo cut out from my friend Helga.

Happy 10th Birthday Lorenzo... Time flies so fast and my youngest turned 10 last month. I used here DCWV pps and cardstock, wooden buttons, native twine, cupcake pin, AAS foam letter stickers and Simple Stories stickers.

Its officially SUMMER in the Philippines! And I am officially off from work. I am so excited for next school year, because STI Calamba will be moving to a new building. I am enrolled on my 6th semester in the graduate studies, and I'm taking my thesis proposal subject. I have been on a slow mode reading and researching for my proposal writing. The kids are finally out of school, Lorenzo is starting to get bored with the summer heat, while Luigi is getting ready for his on-the-job training in a restaurant. Well, I am anticipating  10 weeks of summer fun and heat, thesis proposal defense in mid May and happy bonding moments with the family again.

And Holy Week is coming... TFL!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our 48th Sketch is Up!

The new sketch was designed by my co-designer Melissa Bonifacio and you can join the fun here. In the meantime, here is my version of the sketch...

You and Me... is a page about my Auntie Linda and my son Luigi. Its their little bonding time together at Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City. I used here AC cardstock, Echo Park- Beautiful Life pps, WRMK metal charm, Prima pearl blings, Petaloo flowers, native twine, Crate Paper wooden clip, DMC thread and Ranger distress inks.

Summer vacation is drawing near and I am just getting excited! Kids will be off from school soon and so am I (oh from teaching only)! Grad school is still on but on a consultation schedule only because I am now writing my thesis proposal. Life is a bit light, I hope!

Lorenzo's birthday was a boom with our friends and family celebrated with us. A month of planning on the decorations and theme, food and games were happily fulfilled with the great help of Jay, Mommy, Che, Maan, Jonjo, Janice, Ronald and Timi, or what I call my Creative Family! Here's sharing some of the preparations on the big day...

Happy 10th Birthday to my baby boy Lorenzo!
May you grow up to be a fine man with wisdom and faith to guide you always.

That's it for now! Thanks for looking peep!

Monday, February 17, 2014

FSCB Challenge 45!

Good Monday Morning everyone! I am just happy to be blogging again. 

This month's sketch challenge came from Kath Hernandez, its a simple but very versatile design. Here's what I came up with...

Snap Shots... a glimpse of how happy it is to have a sibling. Lorenzo and Luigi having fun and asaran while being together. I used here Simple Stories pps, stickers and overlay, cardstocks and cardstock stickers, buttons, native twine and my titles are from Helga's cameo. 

Days are moving so fast and valentine's day passed already, we are in the middle of the first quarter of the year, wheew! Been so busy with reading lately, and just recently, finished my comprehensive exams. Now I am down to my thesis writing and 6 units in the grad school. Boy it was really fast!

On the other hand, I am so excited organizing my son's 10th birthday party. He wants to have a Lego-Chima theme this time. Its a bit hard to gather Chima things to put in the loot and motif, so I decided to play with the color palette instead -- olive green, royal blue and brown. It will be a "little-grown up" party with the all-time food favorites of Chuy for the buffet, boy activity fun surprises and the latest fad of dessert table of goodies and sweets. Those are all that's keeping me on my boggling toes. Will post the outcome of all these craziness soon.

Meantime, let's enjoy Monday with a positive mind and happy thoughts. Thanks for looking as always!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Challenge #42 is ON!

Here's the first sketch challenge of FSCB for the year! The sketch is made by my co-designer Melissa Bonifacio and you can view the challenge here ...

I Love Us... a simple layout to remember Uncle Bill and Auntie Linda's recent homecoming. A little way for little Lorenzo to remember the love and bonding they had at 9 years old. I used here DCWV pps, cardstock, buttons, DMC thread, Jillibeans journalling sprouts, native twine, and Simple Stories journaling tag.

Oh life! Its January already and the year has so much to give... I am keeping a positive mind over my last semesters in my graduate studies, more teaching experience and endeavors with work as we move to our new school building in June, a little travel to discover new places and  healthy living and eating towards the rest of the time. I am leaving the aches of the past and counting them as a blessing instead. Otherwise, I am so ready for the horse this year!

Seize the day, TFL!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Project Life

Finally finished my 2013 Project Life! It is a compilation of the year's different events, experiences and places visited. I really had a good time making this kind of album because it is very simple to make and at the same time complete in capturing all the memories. Well, I just feel a little disorganized because I used different themes of papers and embellishments. But anyway, here it goes...

Sorry for the quality of photos I got, it took me awhile to shoot them in the natural light because the light bounces because of the plastic pockets.

Well, I am now ready to hit 2014! Happy Project Life creating peeps!