Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Bangkok Experience!

It was my second time in Bangkok, Thailand and I just had a great time! The first trip I had was in 2012 with my scrap buddies Ytet and Timi. We visited a lot of temples, rode the famous tuktuk, and hunted the flower store in Chatuchak Market. Well, this time, I was with workmates Jake and Mai and I had more discoveries... 

The airport walk was soo long upon arrival, but I was not bored seeing those lovely flowers and orchids greeting us tourists. That pink taxi! We found it cute riding that hot pink taxi, but! We learned that it was not safe to ride them, because they are privately owned and drivers can easily fool you (well, our hotel owner told and warned us!). Finally, another temple tour at the city side.

I think, my second favorite food now is Thai Food! They were all over the place and whether they are in the mall, resto or sidewalk, they all looked delicious. Thai culture is so rich, we got to feel it in the airport just before we left for home. Made me think of planning another trip next year!

Every meal I had in Bangkok for four days were all with papaya salad, I love it! A Filipina friend Cel treated us for an "eat all you can" at Mukata, where she taught me how to make my own papaya salad. It was another experience.

Our third day was spent at Chatuchak Market (of course!). I needed to go back and find those flower stores  again. This time there were many of them selling flowers, BUT! they are sooo expensive, I couldn't buy much. 

Ok, it has been more than 4 months since I last blogged! I am still full with my thesis writing until now and... I haven't scrapped since early this year, so I really have nothing to post for now. What's pushing me now is to finish my research writing so I can go back to normal life and scrapbooking. 

Counting the weeks... TFL! as always.

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