Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome to my Blog!

It has been almost three months since my husband Dodo bought me a computer. I thought I will never need one, because I can easily go out and check my mails in an internet shop near our subdivision. I was wrong!!! I am now a computer-addict... I don't just check my mails and go blog hopping... I am enjoying every feature of this hi-tech gadget! I get to chat with my family, relatives and far-away friends, get to join on-line scrapbook competitions and my latest discovery, I get to make my own blog!

So welcome to my own blog... you'll get to know all about my latest scrapbooking activities, my boys' adventures and just EVERYTHING!


dianeskie said...

Hello Sis!

Yey may blog ka na!!!!! Woohoo!~

BTW, Tom and Gerry addict ka din pala. Ako din at saka si hubby. Hehehhehe! Sobrang love namin silang dalawa. hahahahah!

cors said...

woohhh.....BIGTIME ka "isabel Lopez" welcome to the wonderful world of technology....