Friday, May 1, 2009

Happenings at Scrappin' Kids!

Hey! I almost forgot to post this special annoucement... In celebration of the National Scrapbooking Month, we are going to have lots of FUN and RAKS at SK. Join us for a 14-day Fiesta! We'll be having challenges, swaps, tutorials, games and so many more.

And finally! The Ulitmate Scrapper Challenge Season 2 is UP! This is a three-day on-the spot speed scrapping challenge to be hosted by our very dear friend Wati Basri. I personally would like to invite you all to try this experience... I learned so much from the last year's season and I'm still overwhelmed until now being the first Ultimate Scrapper Survivor.

Hey... its happening right now, as in today, this morning! So let's all head on the the forum... Thanks for looking!

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