Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lorenzo turned 6!

It was a Monday when I gave birth to this little boy and the worst part of it? There was a nationwide transportation strike. I was due for three more weeks but my doctor discovered his breech position, so I was wheeled to the operating room and this precious boy came out to meet the world at 4:37 in the afternoon. So many stories about how my little Chuy was conceived, it was a very difficult pregnancy actually. That's why I cannot miss celebrating his birthday...

At first, Dodo and I decided not to have a party because next year will be a little big because he's turning 7. So since its little Chuy's day, we let him decide for his own celebration. He asked for a Gameboy and some Toy Story dolls. His school never encourage children to party in school, so we just packed some food and candies for his classmates. Then, Mommyla and Uncle Jay cooked Pancit Bihon, bought cakes, ice cream and lechon manok. His Ninang Janice and Ninong Buggy, Tito Jonjo, Tita Maan, Mamita Cora and cousins DK and Garrie were his guests... and we called this a party already!

It's not yet over! There's another celebration this coming weekend... hmmm somewhere up north and he is excited again!


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