Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Room...

Just the thought of having my own classroom EXCITES me! I am now the homeroom adviser of SBIS' Grade 3-Rosemary. Making our little room like my own house and playing, eating and studying with the kids keep my daily routine both fun and challenging. I am enjoying my new role as a teacher, but still I have a little regret on being away from my own kids for 8 hours. Oh well, this is life!

Here's what I did during my sembreak... I made our daily activity board, classroom officers, bulletin board and a couple of slogans.I used cartolinas, illustration boards, plastic covers, cardstocks for my letters, gift wrappers and patterned papers for the embies and Tattered Angel glimmer mist. I'm still doing our birthday fiesta and getting ready for Christmas. Still have a lot of plans for our little home in school, I just hope I have the mojo and power to do them all.

Its raining almost everyday and the kids are down with colds. Hope they will be fine by next week. Thanks for looking again!

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