Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cabbie Tagged Me!

Here's my Scrapping Haven!
It's my first time to show everyone my scrap place... My house is really small, but I want it to really look clean and neat, halos wala ngang laman kundi scrap things ko lang, hehehe! Half of my living room is converted already for my area, because my old dinning table and dresser were there, plus my computer. As much as I wanted to scrap inside our room, Enzo is the temporary owner of our room now because of his toys and the TV. Now, let me show you my place...

I'm a messy scrapper! Kaya sanay ako to scrap on a big table. But my good habit naman is that I clean up before I start a new page and I never leave my table cluttered.

Here's an old dresser of my kids, I borrowed it for my stash. I put here my flowers, ribbons, inks, stamps, brads, die cuts, and a lot of samot saring ek ek! I love this cabinet because it keeps my stash organize and clean.

And finally, this is my hiding place! I cleaned up a room upstairs and placed a metal mesh for my stickers, chipboards, rubons and other embies that needs to be hanged. Plus, all my papers are there too... TFL!

So that's it! Now I want to pass the tag to Timi, ate Liezl and Dra. Chiqui... Sabi nga ni Cabbie, it doesn't have to be a big space but a place where you can be inspired and creativity comes next...
1. Timi Mercado
2. Liezl Arellano
3. Chiqui Gutierrez

Thanks for sharing...


cabbie lopez said...

hi issa thanks for playing along! i love adore your place...ang sarap ng feeling when you see fellow scrapper's place diba.. so inspiring!! thanks!!!! cant wait to see your 3 tagged scrappin arena too!

Creative B Bee said...

Its good place to scrap. TFS.

marking said...

Hi Issa, what a neat scrap space. Congrats also on your win.