Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mini Purse Album...

... it was one of the surprise gifts of the LBS girls on my birthday last month. Took me awhile to put the pages together, here goes!

from Ate Liezl

from Dra. Rita

from Lola Ytet

from Nanay Cors

from BFF Timi

from Dra. Chiqui

from teacher Helga

Thanks Girls for this gift! Such a wonderful remembrance as I took the first year of the world of the 40's and to remember how I made it to another year of my life...

with wonderful friends like YOU...
Ate Liezl, Rita, Ytet, Cors, Timi, Chiqui and Helga


Rowee said...

love it Issa!!! Thanx for sharing!!!!


jonaks said...

its so beautiful!!!

Benga said...

such a sweet and thoughtful gift! priceless!