Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party, PARTY!

We had a whole day of FUN yesterday! First part of the day was a Christmas program performed by our students and a surprise dance number by the faculty and staff of our school. I am so proud of my Grade 3 for singing and dancing the song "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko". They all looked great on their red shirts, santa's hat and my last minute glittered stars. They were the one who picked the song to perform and choose what to wear, I was just there to make the steps and practice them every single day in two weeks. After their number, I was like a proud Mama like what I always feel when I'm with my own kids. Then afterwards, we had our homeroom party where we played, danced and ate lunch together. Seeing my students with their happy faces makes my heart happy too in spite the different challenges I am going through as a first timer teacher. This makes me like the idea of our theme for this year "Let's Make Each Day Christmas!", not just because there are lots of money, food and festivities on Christmas season but because its stress FREE! Let me share my day yesterday...

The third part was the Teachers and Staff's Christmas Party! This is the time where we can all bond and party, and forget about the tests, grades and etc, hahahah! I was part of the managing committee of yesterday's event and I was happy I was able to help in a little way that I know.

I am not a PINK person, but I think I am starting to like it... hehehe! Thanks for looking peeps!

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