Monday, March 7, 2011

Lorenzo turned 7!

Let me share some of the preparations I did for his big bash...

... and I would like to THANK the people who helped me make all these possible!

My Mom, brother Jay and SIL Che... for preparing the yummy food and the cotton candy booth.

McDonald's Vega, Los Banos... Luisa and Kid McDo for hosting the party and making the kids happy.

My cousins Jonjo and Buggy, my hubby... for the party place preparations.

My cousins Janice and Maan... for their big hands in helping me make the keychain give-aways and the last minute butingtingin. I love you both!

My fellow scrapper Ytet Solivet... for unselfishly sharing her things with me!

My brother Louie and cousins Ronald and Nancy... for the great memorable shoots.

Ms. Lei Tajao... for the wonderful cake!

Tita Baby Gonzalodo of Bebece... for the chairs and tables rentals.

Tito Jun and Tita Gay Manahan... for the beautiful tarp.

My co-teacher Anton Gallego... for drawing Woody and his hat.

... and to all the guests and friends who came and made Lorenzo the happiest kiddo that day.

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