Saturday, December 31, 2011


Now is the best time to look back at the last 12 months of the year... Here's what 2011 gave me!

The first kick of the year was my baby boy Lorenzo's 7th birthday celebration. My brother Louie came home to celebrate with us, but needed to leave before the two boys' graduation. Lorenzo graduated in Pre-School and had an academic award in Logical Math-Time Smart Kid. While Luigi graduated in Highschool on March 31, 2011. It was such a great achievement for me and Dodo as well, seeing them achieve another milestone in their lives and praying that their dreams will soon come true. And by June, Luigi entered college at Colegio de San Juan de Letran taking BS Tourism, while Lorenzo is in 1st Grade. We finally gave our 11 year-old home a major make over! From cream, cream, cream everywhere, we have a gray and dark brown house now.

I moved to STI Colleges where I now teach Business Concept and CIWETS subjects. My first semester as a College Instructor was truly a delightful experience and I owe it all to my bosses Mam Emie, Mam Rose and Mam Gie, and to all the STI faculty and staff, specially to Manolo! May bonus pang gala just before I started working again, I got to squeeze a little escapade in Hong Kong and it was an enjoyable trip alone having to see Madame Tussaud's wax museum for the first time. In September, I experienced pain on my right arm which was diagnosed as Tennis Elbow, must be my heavy bag everytime I to go to work?

My Scrapaholic family is continuously growing as we welcomed Helga Tatianna in November. My sisters Liezl, Rita, Ytet, Cors, Timi, Chiqui and Helga are still my best friends for more than 6 years now. These girls never go tired of birthday party gimmicks and overnight crops, I just love them all for that! Then, I celebrated my 43rd Chinese themed birthday along with Nanay Cors. Thank you Lord for another year of life, You gave me bliss and love to celebrate life each year. Another thankful moment was meeting Amy Ela after almost 11 years of absence.

On the right part of my brain, which best describes me hahaha! I opened up Sam Ribbons or Ang Art Ko! via facebook to showcase my craft. My first venture was the hairbows which I love doing eversince I was in college. I learned to make Kanzachi flowers on authentic kimono cloths from my Auntie's Japanese friend. Scrapbooking is still my first love among anything else. I was able to finish 3 mini albums, 70 pieces of hot pot holders, and 213 pages for this year. The passion for papers, flowers, mists and just anything scrapable is still an addiction until now. I'm booked on service for the 1st quarter of the year and still hoping to scrap MORE!

Now, 2012 is 2 hours old already and I am still sitting here and blogging! Me and my family are truly blessed with new endeavors even before 2011 ended. Now, I want to see 2012 with more work, friendship and love, scrapping of course, travel, good health for my family and my Mom and world peace. May the good Lord continue to look after all of us, give us good health and long life to share His Blessings. Now on with our lives, my first plan for the year is to check the graduate school!

Thank You 2011 and Welcome 2012... Happy New Year Everyone! Hugs!

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