Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is almost HERE!

... and as the days come closer, it EXCITES me so much! I'm finally done with my handmade Christmas presents and my tree is also up. Just a few more ribbons and bows to make and a few more gifts to wrap, I guess I'm all set for the Holidays!

Yesterday morning, as I opened my facebook... this caught my attention! Becky Higgins' PROJECT LIFE! I fell in love with it at once and searched the net for the nearest store I can get it. I'm gonna have the Turquoise Kit soon, I can't wait for February!

Spend the whole day today making my Zachi Collection headbands, finally used the japanese cloths given by my Auntie Linda's friend. Love the colors and textures of these kimono cloths. And to top it all, I made some mini Christmas boxes for a friend. Used some Prima and MM's Falala scraps of papers and some native twine.

I still have a week at work, one more day for lectures and another one for the Prelims exams, and I'm free to PARTY! I learned to maximize and manage my time properly, so I get to finish much of my Mommy duties, house chores, study time and scrappiness. I'm just happy to accomplish things everyday, I just need to practice it more for the coming 2 years of my life. The boys are having another major exams this week, just good before vacation starts.

Hope Santa sees my wishlist very soon, hahaha! Have to go... TFL!

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Kate aka stinkydudette said...

Yay!! So you're finally getting it? Where from - SG?