Monday, November 28, 2011

Crate Paper Class

I had another wonderful time yesterday with my Scrappy friends Ate Liezl, Doc Ritz and Doc Chiqui, and of course, teaching us for the 3rd time is Master Iris Uy! It was almost 6 hours of non-stop scrapping with the new Crate Paper class of the Master. Here's what I made...

Unwind a Bit! Caught Luigi playing with the swing during our fishing last month. He was taking time out of school and texting I guess, hahah! Thought of using a nature pic to somehow compliment this floral page. Love the ruler used here, the layering of embies and flowers, and of course the misting!

Sisters... They are my sister-in-laws, since I don't have a sister, I'm glad I have them both. I love the clock pattern for misting here and the resist papers used for tags were really nice.

Celebration... It's my Mom's 72nd birthday. Captured her moment of blowing her candles and wished her lots more to come! The round chipboard frame was so nice, highlighted by butterfly and flowers all around.

My Cowboy... This was Lorenzo's costume during the recent United Nation's Day in School. Needed to bribe him for just one shot! I know there are lots of flowers for this boy page, who cares! I still love it!

@ 18! Another page to celebrate my first born's 18 birthday. I had to limit my embies here because again its a boy page, but just then, I love the brights that conplimented the birthday feel on this page.

Happy Times... This was taken early this year, I guess during my wedding anniversary in January. We had lunch at Terriyaki Boy, Tagaytay City and took a little pictorial around the area. I had to change a bit of the orientation of my elements because I used a horizontal pic here. Just then, I love this page!

The past week was a bit hectic both at home and at work. Hubby was away for a week now for a 10-day training, that's fine! I got to start making a new set of Christmas presents, put up my tree and wrapped the first batch of gifts, went shopping with the Scrapaholics, had some school activities for my NSTP class and now, still with ITCHY hands I still wanted to scrap! My 2 boys are enjoying some quiet time while their Dad is away, probably more time to play plants and zombies, angry birds and dota on their computer.

This is my birthday week... I wonder what will happen on Thursday! Have a great week ahead peeps and thanks for looking as always!

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