Monday, November 7, 2011

Disney Pages!

I am so excited to share these Disneyland pages which I did for service. I wanted to use bright and happy colors here which I don't normally do, hehehe! I wanted to create a cheerful mood to match my clients' cruising experience. I just hope I did justice to these set of photos, here it goes...

I can say that my sembreak from teaching was spent well and I'm so glad to have accomplished a lot of tasks in three weeks. I was able to finish Katherine's 2nd batch of photos, organized my scrap space again and finally found a good storage for my papers, cleaned and sorted Lorenzo's little play area and Luigi's room upstairs. Now my house is ready for the Christmas season, this is my last assignment before 2nd semester starts in a week. Crossing my fingers to accomplish them all!

We had another family bonding since Friday, my sister-in-law's family were here in Laguna! And so was Hayk, she came home from Dubai and stayed with us for a couple of days...


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