Monday, November 14, 2011

My Christmas Project

Every Christmas season, I try to make handmade gifts to my family and close friends. I made altered wall clocks, picture frames and calendars, this year I am altering hot pot holders... Its made of light wood, patterned papers, native twine, metal hooks and scrapbook embellishments.

Its Monday again and its our first day in school for the second semester! I can't wait to go back to teaching and exams once again. I had a fruitful sembreak, I was able to clean the entire house, bond with my kids, had a couple of doctor's check ups and therapy for my right arm, finished a scrapbook assignment, eventually working on some more Christmas projects and the most important part was, I was able to REST for almost a month. As I woke up today, I feel I'm ready to go back to work again.

I hope to drop by the mall today... find a good top for a wedding party, find some more pot holders, and do a little grocery for my boys. Starting the week right, so bless me Lord! God bless us all! Thanks for always looking!

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Liza said...

that's so cute issa! share a tutorial naman on how you created these. :D