Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrapping the EVER AFTER...

I finally started scrapping my brother's pre-nuptial photos! Can't stop myself from playing with their photos because they're really nice and scrappable!Here are my first 2 pages on preview, can't reveal yet 'til the wedding day comes. It'll be pretty soon...

I'm not really a shabby chic scrapper, but I got to try it before and although its always something new to me, I can say that I'm also enjoying the feel of it... all for the love for my brother Louie and my soon to be SIL Hyeleen. I decided to use white backgrounds, play with mists and use my aging Websters Pages. EVER AFTER Part I album is intended for their pre-nuptial photos and memories, I just hope I can do justice on these pretty photos. Oh well, they don't have a choice anyway... its part of our wedding present for them. Since they cannot bring so much wedding gifts back to Dubai where they are based, they need to hand carry these album for safety reasons.

March is indeed a very busy month for me... I wanted to scream hahaha! Its final exams time not just for me but for my 2 boys, GRADES and other work load are piling up, graduation is just around the corner and lastly, Holy Week is also coming up. I can't wait for VACATION and just be lazy on the bed.

Have a great week everyone! TFL as always!

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