Sunday, March 24, 2013

Congratulations my Lorenzo!

Parents are the happiest in moments like this! This is our bonus after paying a year of tuition, waking up early, preparing their uniforms and meals, attending PTCs and programs and a lot more... its all worth it, right?! Congratulations my little Chuwee for your second medal in school! May you continue to learn more  and earn more medals too! Daddy and Mommy are so happy and proud of you! 

Now I can say that it is OFFICIALLY SUMMER here! Although I still have grad school on my 3rd term, I know I am still going to get busy. Busy for the kids on how to make them enjoy the summer vacation. Busy with the family for homecomings and family reunions. I just hope it will not be that stressful so I can still enjoy too.

Back to work for now... itchy hands to play!

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