Monday, September 16, 2013

FSCB Challenge 29 is overdue!

... I can't believe I am this busy to forget my layout uploads, SORRY for the nth time!

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum... it was our first get away in Hong Kong, and Lorenzo had a great time going around the famous people! I used here Echo Park pps, cardstocks, fabric ribbons, cork stickers, buttons, DMC threads, and cardstocks letter stickers.

I thought I am already FREE after my paper defense, but I am now rushing the finally copy and I am running out  of time. I am still writing the DFC with my recommendations, paper is up for grammar editing, printing and binding, and for approval of my company representative and my dean. I need to be a Wonder Woman to do all these by Wednesday, and no matter how much I rush things, it is still impossible. But of course, I am working things out...

I thought I can scrap this week... another sigh! Been anticipating to play after almost 3 months. My abode is almost 100% clean and I am done on my major tasks, but work is getting to be an endless thing and all I wanted now is to rest and catch up with sleep. First trimester in my masters is done and so is my midprogram deliberation, finally finished 36 units already and down to 12 more. Still a long way to go...

I wish to have some ME time really soon please... TFL!

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