Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank You 2017... Welcome 2018!

Well, HELLO, hello!

I am now doing the countdown and just looking back how good another year was. I want to say that 2017 was generally GREAT and GENEROUS to me and my family. Grateful for all these...

 My Lorenzo
My precious Chuy turned thirteen this year and graduated in Grade School in March. This year he invited a few close friends and had lunch at Bonito's for his birthday celebration. He would always remind me that he is a teener now and is finally in high school, well that was the first thing I adjusted with him. He is still lazy as a kid and stubborn as a king, but takes care of me when I feel sick. He loves playing and watching basketball games, and sometimes enjoy cooking shows as well. He grew a lot of inches this year after his circumcision in May.

My Luigi
Luigi graduated in College in March with a degree on Hotel and Restaurant Management... this was my greatest achievement for this year! Every parent would be proud to see her kid hit this momentous milestone.  After that he learned how to drive and took over our Adventure rides.

  My Family
This year, some needs to go, some needs to visit, and some just has to stay. My brother Jay and his family moved to New Jersey, USA in February. And my brother Louie and his wife had their annual homecoming from Dubai in June. And my family needs to stay... with our Mom. Life must go on and we must all be happy finding our own lives.

My Escapades
I had my annual get away (because last year, I was not able to leave the country)! This time with my Scrapaholic playmates and went to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 4 days of shopping, discovering new cultures and eating! Then this year, my family had the chance to visit Subic, Zambales twice. The kids had fun in Tree Top Adventure and Zoobic Zoo... all worth seeing two times this year!

My Work
STI College-Calamba continued to envision quality service and education to its students and other stakeholders. On to my 3rd year as the GE Head, I am just proud to serve my school, my colleagues  and my students. As we move towards the K12 system, I pray that we will be settled by this coming school year in June, under the same leadership of my brilliant boss Jei Isip. 

My New Discoveries
Aside from scrapbooking and being an organizing freak, I fell in love with cactus and succulents. I had this little corner in front of my door, and just loving them everyday as they grow. I shared the same passion for greens with my cousin Janice, who's a super addict as well. I also discovered Young Living essential oils. It became a daily help to relax my tired body, soothe aches and just feel positive. Although it is pricey, I still believe that its worth my hard earned money.

As I turned 49 this year, I learned to appreciate life even more, do things that make be truly happy, praise the Good Lord for all this blessings. I discovered that HOME is the best place to be for me, with these two piglets. I just love seeing them grow, play and just do anything together. I continued to be one proud and happy Mom!

Welcome 2018!

I pray for more peace and good health for me and each of my family. No more material things because I believe that when you work hard and you earn some, you will be provided.  

I pray for more time together and holidays with my siblings, my mom and my kids, so we can continue memory making. 

I pray for God's continuous blessings for STI and give us good leadership. 

I pray for a happy 2018!

Thank you Lord for everything.


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