Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thank You 2018... Welcome 2019!

I'm late for my 2018 recap!

I was a bit disoriented with the blogging tools when I uploaded my 2017 Project Life post. Took me longer to upload photos, so I thought I had to spend more time for this post. And since today is my last day of holiday vacation, I went up to my scraproom to do my creative backlogs and I will not finish all my tasks unless I do this annual happy recap.

2018 was generally blissful and lots of family moments. We had a grand reunion in the Alicbusan's side... My Auntie Linda and Uncle Bill's family came home from USA. With that, my other cousins Reggie, Marilyn and Heidi from California, and my brother Louie and sis-in-law Hayk from Dubai, all came home to celebrate here in the Philippines. It was a fully loaded-2 weeks of memory making in February. Here goes...

My Alicbusan Family
Auntie Linda and Uncle Bill with their children and grandkids visited Corregidor, Bataan and the Banawe Rice Terraces, Mountain Province north of Luzon. And while they were here in Laguna, we had a day at Villa Escudero and a grand dinner at Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila. Aside from food galore, the family had the much needed time to catch up and make memories for the next generation. It was a blast!

My Lorenzo
Chuy celebrated his 14th birthday here at home. Very fortunate that my US family were here and so all the March celebrants also blew their candles with Chuy. But before that, Chuy had a toe accident and was rushed to the emergency room of LBDH. He played basketball on slippers that's why?! By June, we was in Grade 8 already. School was just okay and started to have crushes already. Chuy had his braces in July, it was about time he had them to check his ugly lower teeth.

My Luigi
Luigi turned 25 in September. 25 is a number but not with his ways, he is still a kid at heart who begs to play cards and talks to his dogs. This was photo was taken at Sandaime Japanese Restaurant at ATC Alabang and it was his first time to drive this far. Well, not bad for a new driver.

My Siblings
My brother Louie and sis-in-law Hayk had their annual vacation, of course. Louie went home twice this year. The first was 3 days only to meet the US family in February and the next was in May for almost a month. As always, we had a trip to Baguio with the two boys and our Mom.

My Escapades
I went to Seoul, Korea with the LB Scrapaholics in April. It was spring according their weather, but it felt like winter to me at 3 degrees. Explored a lot of places there like the Myeondong Streets where they have lots of make up stores and street food galore. Day 1 was a trip to their Everland, it was their local Disneyland in Korea. Day 2 was a trip to the Morning Calm Garden and the Nami Island, where a lot of Korean Novelas were shoot there. Day 3 was Hop-on-hop-off City Tour where we visited the Bokchon Hanbok Village and tried their native dresses, saw some Cherry Blossoms on full bloom, Namsan Tower was on fog and did not quite make it to the Gyeongbokgung Palace because it closed at 5PM. And the last day was a free day, where Timi and I explored the 11 floors of Daiso goods across the Myeongdong Street. I also met cousin Grace who was based their with her Korean husband and 2 beautiful girls.

What will I never forget about this trip?.. the VERY COLD weather which was so bad for my hands, the nice organic shampoo in Metro Hotel where we slept for 5 days, the very efficient internet system in the country, and the expensive food! Hahaha! Well, everything were just great experience specially spent with good friends.

My Work
On to my 4th year as the GE Head of STI College Calamba. I moved to a new room, so I have a more private and organized place now. 2018 was sooo good to me, I am now a regular employee of STI Educational System. On the other hand, that means more tasks, responsibilities and challenges which I feel optimistic and positive so far.

My Golden Year
I turned 50 in December! I wanted to do a lot, but I do not have the time. I have Mom and Luigi prepared the main dishes and Spice Jar's Aperitivo for the appetizer bar. I made stuffed owls and my cousins Janice and Maan gifted me with Tiger Haworthia give away plants. I have nothing in mind except to bond with family and friends over a great lunch. My childhood friends and neighbors, workmates and of course, my close relative all came to celebrate with me. 

My Family
My kids are almost grown up and Dodo and I are celebrating our 26th year of togetherness today. Life and family are two things I am blessed with and I could not ask for more. I just pray for the blessing of guidance, more years of happy memory making, good health for me and my family specially my Mom, travel and be united with my brothers this coming July and just the presence of our Good Lord in our lives.

Happy New Year Everyone!
May 2019 continue to shower us with
Blissful Moments as ever!
Thanks for looking, as always!

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