Friday, July 18, 2008


Timi must be in a good mood of tagging friends... and so, she gave me the
Blog of Destinction & Brillante Weblog Awards! Thank you dear friend!

So, here are the rules that go along with the awards:
1. You post the award logos on your blog.
2. You link back to the person who awarded them to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 people whose blogs you admire and add links back to their blogs.
4. Leave a message for the nominees on their blogs.

And, here are my nominees for inspirational blogs and very talented artists:
ate Liezl's My happiness; Ytet's Look who's Scrappin'!; Yvette's Me and my Shadow...; Wati's Wati's Scrap Creations; Liza Yet's Scrap Addict Mummy; Jazz's Moments to Cherish; Candy's Eye Candy Scrap;

Hats off to you ladies...

Birthday Tag from Beverley Todd
I was tagged for the second time by my friend Timi! The tag is a part of Beverley Todd's 40th birthday celebration and you can view the instructions here. So if I tag you, you better spread the tag because there'll be lots of prizes to win. Happy Birthday Beverley!

Here are her questions and my answers...

1. What age was your best birthday (so far) & why? My 19th birthday... that's my biggest secret! Hahaha!

2. What was the worst? None, I guess.

3. What is the best present you have ever received? A radio-cassette recorder from my Daddy when I was 17. And I still have it until now...

4. What was the weirdest? A red T-back from Cors!

5. Where would you most like to spend your birthday? In Baguio, love it! My birth month is December and its cold in Baguio that time.

6. What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius

7. Chinese Year? Monkey... funny but very romantic!

Thanks for the tag Beverley and Timi... and now I will pass it to ate Liezl, Rita, Ytet, Ella Go and Candy.


Wati Basri said...

thanks issa for the tag!!

Liza said...

Thanks for the award Issa!