Thursday, July 31, 2008

Game On!

Mystical Scrapbooks of Australia came up with the Game On Challenge on June 9, 2008. Through their weekly scrap requirements, I was able to finished 8 layouts, all inspired by different board games. Here are my layouts...

Challenge 1-Connect 4
The first round asked for 4 connecting circles, the circles must either overlap or intertwine with each other, scrap 4 photos and use of 2 colors only, one of which must be either blue or red. I used the photos of my boys during their little camp out and I used black for my first color and shades of blue for the second.

Camp Out

Challenge 2-Monopoly
The requirements for this round is to choose one of the following properties and use the coordinating techniques (Strand, is to incorporate stitching; Bow Street, use of ribbons; Regent Street, put a crown; Park Lane, put flowers or foliage; The Angel islington, put wings). The titles must include the word Chance or Go. And must use no more than 6 items on the page (as it is up to a 6 player game). I choose Strand and so I stitched in my layout (as usual, hehehe!). And my 6 items were pps, cardstock, DMC gold thread, buttons, chipboard for my titles and ink. Been wanting to scrap our underwater photos... finally its done!

Go Underwater
Challange 3-Pictionary
For this round we should follow a sketch. Doodling must be prominent and there must be a use one embellishment in the title, example for the word love you would put a heart embellishment. My doodling style is very limited and I can only do this much. Then I used a plastic embellishment with an engraved star in the center. I love these photos of my two boys, actually I scrapped these photos twice!

My Lucky Stars

Challenge 4- Trivial Pursuit
It was getting harder I guess... week 4's challenge was to scrap using any of the pie colors pink, blue, yellow, brown, green and orange. The titles must be a question and must have a journalling of more that 3 sentences and must answer the question or the titles. Here was my take for that week's challenge...

Are you both sick?

Challenge 5-Scrabble
The requirement for this week was to use block letters for the titles and use 1 inch squares or cubes on the layout. Remember the scoring instructions written on the scrabble tiles? A triple letter score, pretained to the use of 3 colors only in the layout. While a double letter score required to put 2 photos only! I scrapped Enzo's school photos and gave this layout as a little something to Teacher Helga. I love the Prima paper and essential flower that I used here, matched perfectly to my black, olive green and white motiff.

Teacher Helga

Challenge 6-Checkers
The challenge for this week was to use the colors black, white or cream & red only! There must be a layered embellishment in the layout and must put a crown somewhere. That week, my nephew DK was born and I was soooo excited to start scrapping his first album. And so he will be my subject in the future...

Precious Little One

Challenge 7-Twisters
The requirement for this week was to use at least 4 different colors, put circles in the layout and must use the technique on layering. I love the colors that I choose blue, green, brown and white. Chatterbox stripes pps matched perfectly on masculine layouts. This is my cousin Jonjo, the proud first time dad..

Proud Dad

Challenge 8-Guess Who?
The final week's challenge was to scrap one portrait type of photo and the journaling must describe the personality or the physical traits of the chosen person. I choose to scrap Luigi this time. This is one rare moment that I caught him smiling. This picture was taken last summer during one of our escapades.

Live, Love, Laugh

I think this is our last week for the Game On Challenge, I wonder what will happen next week. I had fun and I finished 8 layouts... Thanks Sara and Mystical Scrapbooks!

Thanks for looking...


Liza said...

Great layouts Issa! Love how you interpreted each challenge!

Wati Basri said...

omg issa....really LOs galore! love it all babe!!

ytet said...

Everything is soooo! nice.
Love your layouts. Pahawa naman diyan!