Sunday, October 5, 2008

My SM Idol Layouts... finally we can post them!

I can't wait to share my Scrappin' Mom's Idol Layouts... maybe because I am truly happy with all my outputs. Here goes...

Ellimination Round: Em Magpoc's Sketch

Star Biker
Been keeping this photos of Chuy for quite awhile, probably waiting for the perfect sketch for these pictures. Good timing because the Idol's ellimination round was up that time and we were asked to interpret a sketch by Em Magpoc.

Week 1: It's Party Time! Let's Celebrate!
Spa Party
First round was so hard... really! We were asked to make a-4 party favors set that includes a pop-up invites, and there should be a repeatitive element on each favor. I choose a Spa Party theme... with oriental motif, bamboos and roses ornaments! The Scrpaholics helped me so much in this round, they gave me bright ideas and Rita even lent me her plates and mini fountain. Thanks as usual mga Lola!

Week 2: Color Theory and Harmony

R and R
This week's challenge was a layout using red, orange, violet and green colors only, and 5 different sizes of photos. It was so timely that we have new photos taken from Ate Liezl's birthday blowout at the Grand Villas Bae, Laguna. I had fun with the colors, I even made a 6x6 page requested by the celebrant for her own mini album. I will never forget this day with the Scrapaholics, great memories talaga!

Week 3: Direction and Movement

Chill Out
This was a super praning week for me! Chuy was admitted in the hospital Monday evening and I haven't done my week's challenge yet! I was thinking of going home Wednesday afternoon to scrap, and luckily we were discharged that day. This was an old picture of my son Luigi and his classmate-barkada Aldrey, Ytet's son. This week's challenge was to make a layout with a dynamic movement capturing your or somebody else's life in a day.

Week 4: Layers of me

Only Girl
... this was my favorite round! I love the design concept on dimension and layers. The Moms asked for a layout focusing in ourselves, create our own embies and there should be layers on the page. I'm so happy with this page, feeling ko I learned another major technique. This picture was part of the Grand Villa's blowout.

Week 5: Balance and Symmetry

Take Each Step of Life
In this round we have to produce an asymmetrically balanced layout with at least 1 supersized photo. Again they asked for photos that were never been scrapped or posted, wala pa naman akong backlog na photos ngayon! This photo was taken at the admi building of UPLB. After hearing the mass at St. Therese, I asked the kids for a short shot at the Centennial seal of UPLB, I just love this photo! This was the round that really made me nervous, for me this was the make or break time!

Week 6: Six and Counting...Why do I deserve to be the next Scrapping Mom's Idol?

Eh Gusto ko eh! (I want it!)
This week's challenge was to make a layout answering the question "Why do I deserve to be the next Scrappin Mom's Idol?", using 6 materials and 6 colors ONLY! Oh well, I don't have a picture again... I was thinking of many gimmicks but I ended up being photographed by my hubby Dodo. I could not go out to shot because my eldest was sick of flu that weekend. It was Sunday already and I still don't have a picture... waaaahhh! I was munching on my SK kits that day while hubby was playing with the camera. He asked me why I do like to be the Idol? And I instantly answered "Eh gusto ko eh?! with a taray look and he instantly clicked... and that was the start of my layout! Basta gusto ko eh!

And so, there goes my 7-week Idol entries... thanks for looking!

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