Saturday, January 10, 2009

... Christmas is not yet over!

... and pressie are still coming in! We had a christmas kiddo pressie swap at Scrappin' Kids since December. We are so happy at SK because a lot joined this swap, thanks to the generous Mommies and Kids from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and of course, here in the Philippines. I thought of gathering up all the pressie and let Chuy open the gifts as soon as everything is in... after New Year, he started asking me why are there gifts sitting under the tree. And so, he wanted to open everything!

He's still the happiest kid even after the holidays! He got lots of candies, toys, pencils, pens, paints and a lot more.

I also got a Card swap... Mich is my mommy for the SK Card swap and here's what she made for me... Thanks Mich!

And finally, my Auntie from US send another box in time for Christmas. The boys are so excited with their new shoes, Chuy loves the blue-black rubbershoes and the transformers robot. I got my artbin! And some more stash, take a look here...

Here's the best part of the box! A LV bag... I super love it! Thanks to my family in US for send us our christmas presents. I want to greet also my Auntie Linda a Belated Happy Birthday, wish she can come home soon.


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

wow sis great gifts!

Vivs said...

Wuhooo! wonderful gifts Issa esp the bag! 8)

Chuy is sooo cute!