Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toy Story and Lorenzo's Story!

His passion for cartoons was just like any other child.. first he loved Barney, the purple dino. Then comes silly Mr. Bean, partners Tom and Jerry was an old time fave (even the old ones love it too!), then comes the talking Cars and now Toy Story. Even before Toy Story 3 was out, Lorenzo fell in love it already. I don't know what's with him that he even asked his Daddy to buy him stuffed toys of Buzz, Andy and the horse. Buzz and Andy became his constant friends. He would pile up our pillows and laid them side by side so they get to watch TV with him daw. And sometimes, these stuffed babies would be his bedmates. Funny Lorenzo, but that's his stories! Ok but we haven't watched TS3 yet because its long tests week now... soon I promise.

Then lets wait 'til his next playmate. TFL!

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