Monday, July 5, 2010

... and the Latest!

Hello Everyone! Can't believe its less than six months before Christmas time again!

My world is on a run, although I stay at home most of the time this days, I'm a BBbbzzzzz Mama. Thank God that flu fever is finally over in our household. It's birthday month for both the Virtucio's and Alicbusan's... 5th Louie, DK and Uncle Totoy (+), 9th Uncle Eddie, 23rd my Mom, 26th Auntie Letty (+), and 31st my cousin Dra. Ellen Vivo. Did I miss anyone? Surely, this month will be full of family gatherings.

I'm now scrapping for a friend in Canada, working on the debut of her princess. This is what's keeping me up this days, plus I'm trying to regularly attend the free aerobics every Saturday at UPLB Baker Hall with my scrappy girlfriends Ate Liezl, Doc Rita, Doc Chiqui, Nanay Cors and Lola Ytet. I don't have plans on getting back my old waistline, I just wanna stay fit and health specially that Cholesterol is on a heavy guarding. Then, I had a MILIA removed on the corner of my right eye last Saturday. It looks like a white head but actually its a cyst.

Finally, Scrap Yourself's Challenge 10 will be up on Wednesday and its about Childhood Memories. I had lots of them and majority are happy ones! I have to praise my parents for giving us a happy life. It may not be that luxurious but it was a comfortable and a happy childhood. Now that I am also a Mom, I TRY to share and give the same experience to my kids like my parents did to me and my 2 brothers. Let's see what my co-DTs have to share on Wednesday.... join us at Scrap Yourself!

Enjoy the coming week, happy Scrapping! TFL!

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