Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's UP!

Been out of town for 3 days with the whole family and of course, we normally run to the north for some COLD weather! Baguio will always be a second home to me and my family, and it never runs out of thrill and excitement to my kiddos. My brother is here for more than week already and it has been 10 full-packed days of fun and travel... 2 more weeks to go!

I got some GOOD NEWS! My friends Helga and Doc. Ritz texted me while I was away, I made it to the DT call of SKETCHABILITIES! Yehey, I'm back to sketches again and I'm just excited!

This is all for now... need to organize my photo files, working table and my kitchen before I start packing again, this time we'll gonna hit the sun and sand. Thanks for looking!

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teacher jessy said...

Congrats on your new DT stint!!