Thursday, June 9, 2011

SAM's Ribbons

I opened an online store last month selling baby hair bow and customized head pieces. Here are some of my designs...

Ally's Collection
is our floral line.

Pia's Collection
is the stripe, checkered and star printed line.

Fern's Collection
is the double bow design line.

Max's Collection
is the big girls line.

Lara's Collection
is the dainty colored line.

Marie's Collection
is the twisted fabric line.

I used a lot of soft-wired, grosgrained, silk and organza ribbons on my baby-design bands. While I used fabrics like bridal satin, cotton and gina cloth for Marie's Collection. I used fabric bands like towel type and knitted for the babies, while I have this glittered elastics for the adults bands.

I was a little busy this past few days working on ribbon orders and finishing 2 scrapbook albums for US and Canada. Hoping that I can get going before I leave tomorrow. Got 9 units teaching load for an IT school which will be starting next week, so I need to start reading and preparing for that. My kids are both back to school and we are still adjusting to their morning routines. Hubby was busy with the recent fish kill in Batangas province. Sooo, everyone is on the MOVE!

Hope to be scrapping today! Thanks for looking peep!

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Shona said...

wow those are gorgeous :)