Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Hearts' Day!

It was a work day for me! But it was okay, at least I was out of the house, breathe a different kind of air and used the other side of me. It was okay, I didn't have a dinner date or flowers and chocolate gifts. But instead I treated myself for something I really LOVE... a pair of new shoes and some scrap stuff! Hubby was away from home and my boys doesn't care about the day, so in short it was just an ordinary day in my life. But with these goodies to lift up my spirits!

I broke my cutting pad last Saturday! I normally spend my mornings cutting my titles, good thing I can still use it slowly, but of course it needs replacement at once. I ordered at once and was delivered on Valentine's day.

I'm on my 108th page for my assignment update! It feels great to know that I only have 11 pockets or approximately 20 pages left to play with. Will take a little rest after this first assignment for the year. We are planning to celebrate little Chuy's birthday elsewhere. School is roughly 6 weeks to go, I don't know if I will be happy for that because I'm sure I'm gonna miss teaching for the whole summer. Just taking things easy for now...

Have to go, tomorrow is another race! Thanks for looking as always!

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