Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand

Got another ME time and this time, I flew to Thailand along with my two close friends Timi and Ytet. We just wanted to explore the country and just have some quiet time away from school works and family. Here are some highlights of the trip..

We had an early booking in January and got an almost half the price off the plane fare. We were lucky, Ytet got a promo and was able to book at once. But just a few days before our flight, there were some hassles like our flight dates covered the no fly zone bulletin of Korea. And after the earthquake in Indonesia, tsunami warning was up south of Bangkok. Leaving us a lot of things to worry... but Ytet gave a thumbs up sign that we should go, and so we WENT!

First in the itinerary were the temples. We came exactly on the Songkran Festival, it was their New Year celebration in Bangkok and they celebrated it with a lot of water showers across the streets. We went to Wat Poh temples and for 100 Baht, we were able to tour around a huge block of temples and buddha. I love the unique tastes of their food specially their spring rolls, pad thai and rice cakes. After that, we went to see two jewelry factories in the city, the Golden Mountain temple and MBK mall where we got some more specialty desserts. The next day was reserved for Chatuchak Market, just imagine how the three of us shopped til we dropped! And the rest of the time were spent packing up, eating and spending the last Baht in our wallets.

I anticipated the month of April with a lot of family gatherings and bonding. Holy week was spent with my brother who came home from Dubai, then last week was a vacay week and this coming week is the big event... my brother's wedding in Subic, Zambales. So with all these activities, I cannot find time to play even though my Project Life is already here! Now, I'm looking forward for May, wish there will be another scrapathon with my girlfriends, more time with my kids and just get ready for another school year of teaching and learning.

I'm a little behind in blogging, will catch up as soon as I can. Thanks for looking always!

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