Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's 12 days before Christmas and everyone is surely busy preparing gifts and decorating their houses, but not for me!!! Dodo and I decided to have our closet repaired because I saw the walls of our cabinet bubbling up and I suspected that the "pulutong of ANAY" has come back again. So after calling the guys that will work on my closet, work immediately started to get finish long before christmas time comes. But during the process, my bedroom floors which was 100% wood too were also attacked by this culprit. So they have to remove everything until my whole house was totally a MESS! Enzo and I would have to move out because my uncle had to spray and give a great grand treatment for these anay to die and eventually go away!!!

I'm totally bothered because this is an unexpected gastos for my husband and I, but we have no choice but to have everything fix before christmas day. Well it's not that I want my house to look really well during the holidays, we have to rush because it'll really be hard to pull labor forces during the holidays. And lastly, my allergy is in super bloom right now.

Well, I pray that this will end in another 3-5 days. Right now, the anay treatment is going on, so this means no construction for the whole day because of the smell of the chemicals. Tomorrow my floors should be done and the cabinets should have the first coat of duco paints. This is all for now muna, have to find ways to brighten up my day! Sana matapos na ang lahat at ng maka-scrap naman ako!!!

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