Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My 2nd time to attend an EB..

Yes, it's my second time to attend the Scrap Exchange Eye Ball! Ytet and Alain picked me up at 10am, excited to arrive on time at Sunshine Asuncion's place in BF Homes. Met Sunshine and her friend who started scrapping her wedding photos, Beth, Ria Mojica, Liza Bermudez, Mia Caniza, KitKat Ofiana and Iris Uy... hope I didn't miss anybody since we were just few. Few nga but I really had a great time, specially because I get to see Master Iris scrap! I sat beside her and just watched her, ang galing and super bilis pa! We scrapped while we chatted, I just made my layout there and embellished it at home. Thanks to Kitkat and Ytet, they were my seatmates then, Liza for lending me the coluzzle folder templates, Sunshine for the Autumn Leaves Stamps, Iris for the inspiration... and here is my finished page!

Just submitted this layout to Scrappin' Kids for their 4th Challenge... what your kids did during the December holidays? We were in Baguio and visited Doglas!

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