Monday, June 16, 2008

Gauntlet Challenge at Scrapperie

Here's another set of challenges... just want to show you my entries and share another scrapping experience. We started the Gauntlet Challenge on April 27, 2008 and now we are moving on to Round 6. Just one more round before the finals on June 22. I am still IN and we are trimmed down to 15 for Round 6. Wish me luck...

Round 1: A layout that tells a bit about ourself, but not that usual layout about being a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter! Any topic about me! And so I thought of scrapping my relationship with my bestfriend Mae, our friendship, happy moments and trial times.

Round 2: A card that is something other than a rectangle, a square or a circle. The card can be of any sentiment, holiday or occasion. I made this train shaped card for little Enzo, because he loves trains so much.

Round 3: A layout about an inanimate object... no husbands, no children, no pets, no plants... nothing living! I scrapped here Enzo's favorite things like his sleeping blanket, Thomas Train toys and DVD's and his comfy shoes. I already made a layout similar to this for Kuya, and so it was Enzo's turn to highlight his favorites.

Round 4: A layout based on a piece of art. I chose the North Rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, built by Jean de Chelles from 240 to 1250. It is 43 feet in diameter and consists of brilliantly colored pieces of glass. I scrapped a kaleidoscope picture of Kamay ni Jesus, the tallest statue of Jesus Christ that can be found in Lucban, Quezon Province.

Round 5: A mini album based on the topic "Simple Things." I made a mini albums about my joys of having my two sons! I used 5x7" chipboards and 5x7" invitation envelopes binded by rings. I also used my prize-- a kit from A Million Memories with yellow green, blue and orange motiff. I love this color combination!

I thought of blogging my entries now, who knows I might be out in the next round... TFL!


jonaks said...

hey congrats, you are still moving on. goodluck!!!

Wati Basri said...

lovely creations Issa....wishing you luck!!

Lee i. said...

wow great work! congratulations! woohoo!