Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Happenings...

I'm back! And I miss everything and everyone!

Our Christmas celebration was a little different this year, my brother Louie was home! Although he goes home annually, this time he really went home for the holidays. His vacation is barely 3 weeks that's why we are always on the go. My 2 boys Luigi and Enzo had the best time ever with their Ninong-Uncle and I got no time to scrap! But I have lots of photos and memories to work on after the long holidays. Mommy's kitchen was super busy again 3 days before Christmas day and Cheche and I had wrapped more than 500 lumpiang ubod everyday. Gosh!

5 days before Christmas, we headed for Laiya, Batangas again. We spent a night with our cousins and baby DK. Then, early the following day we went snorkeling. My little boy Enzo was so brave to go down the cold water and just experience the float! Tito Buggy was always there to be with him... don't ask me, I didn't even try to dip my toes.

Who got the best Christmas gifts? Oh that's me and Enzo... because we got the gifts we were dreaming of... take a look!

Enzo got 2 transformer robots from Uncle Jay and Ninang Che and the other one from Tito Jonjo and Tita Maan. He's dying to have even one! And I got this pink Round-it-All from hubby. Every year hubby would give me a set of underwears, kaya I was totally surprised upon seeing this! I really got no idea that he would buy me this, thanks for the connivance of my SIL Cheche and Lasting Impression's owner Vivs Uy!

Right after Christmas day, we went up to Baguio! Baguio is almost a second home for my family and my boys. We go there 2-3 times a year. Part of every trip is a stop over at the Manaoag Shrine, just to offer candles and prayers and hear a mass. Then, we are all awake going up the Kennon Road.

We had a hard time getting for a place to stay kasi feeling ko nasa Baguio na ata lahat ng tao during this season. We usually stay at the Teacher's Camp but it was totally booked. We spent so much time stucked in the traffic, but that's okay because it was really cold! We went to Mine's View Park, Good Shepherds, walked going down the Session Road, Sunday Mass at the Cathedral and my kid's fave place "ShoeMart"! I can't believe it but they just keep on coming back to SM-Baguio! Of course, we had a great meal at David's Tea House and a good coffee at Figaro. Too bad we didn't have time to visit Cafe by the Ruins... next time, promise!

My Mom's little pampering time for herself... a new Danielle Steel book and a good cup of coffee!

This is the belen at the Good Shepherd's place.

And this is my family... my Mom and my two big brothers! Oh they are are just big in size, but I am the eldest and the smallest. It was really a great time for all of us, being together is the most important part of everything. Wish our Dad is still with us...

Oh wow, Christmas was over! We still have another event coming and that's New Year and still a long vacation ahead. I was very good during Christmas, we even had tuyo and guinataang langka one time. I mostly ate fruits like Sagada oranges, fresh strawberries and green mangoes. Louie still have 3 days to go and he's flying back to work on New Year's Eve. I'm sure he'll gonna miss everything specially the manggang hilaw, hahaha!

I want to thank everyone who texted me, buzzed me, PMed and emailed me, and greeted me and my family during Christmas. I want to greet my family in California and Delaware, and all my wonderful friends and fellow scrapaholics ...


Gracie said...

Wow Issa looks like you had a fun & busy Christmas. Hope the new year will bring you and your family more fun & blessings to come! =)

ytet said...

Ang ganda naman ng gift ni Dodo! siguro panay ang parinig mo. Full of happenings ang blog mo. Happy New year ulit dear! Thanks for the recipe ng tuna pasta pesto or tuna pesto pasta! whatever!