Monday, March 2, 2009

Chuy turned 5!

My little boy Chuy turned 5 yesterday... and we gave him a little party here at home. This is the reason why I am MIA lately, too much preparations and I only have myself to do everything... except for the cooking hahahah! With our present economic situation now, prices are all going up and nothing is free in this world anymore! But of course, birthdays should be celebrated and we want Chuy to be happy and to have great memories of his childhood. And so, we have to stick with the budget and yet give everyone a great time during his party. Here's what we prepared for him...

The invites... because its the season of austerity, instead of buying the invites, I decided to make it myself and use my super old stash. I got some 8x12 cheap cardstocks, printed the text and decorated it with buttons and Timi's famous ribbons.

The Cake... we got him a Kim Impossible cake at Goldilocks. I just like the green and blue color motiff, we didn't use the cartoon character. Instead I placed an old little boy figurin, a birthday gift to Luigi 7 years ago from my Tita Cora. Then my Mom baked some chocolate cupcakes and we decorated it with pinwheels. My cousin Janice and Anna made the pinwheels. These are scrap papers from the goodie bag tags.

The Goodie Bags... I love this foil bags that I got from shoemart, I think I got these 6 months ago. Heheheh! I stuffed it with mini cotton candies, lollipops, gellies, buscuits, a top for boys and a ponytail clip for girls. Then, I enclosed it with a cardstock decorated with cuttlebug die-cut "Thanks", some paper teared strips and a handcut star with a little button... okay ba? I didn't buy anything for the invites, pinwheels and bag embies, as in tipid talaga.

The Prizes... I made 3 paper lanterns for the adult prizes. I just dont have much time to make a lot, this is so nice for a give-away present, isn't it! Thanks to Jessy, our Creative Adviser at Scrappin' Kids for teaching us to make these cute lanterns.

More prizes... I made some mini notebooks. I thought of using my pink zutter, that's why I made some notebooks. Hindi na lang talaga kinaya ng powers ko!

The Host... she's my first cousin, Dra. Ellen Vivo... she's my old time host, party coordinator and entertainer. Actually she's not just a doctor but she's the clown in the family. Saved up some more because of her, heheheh!

His Guests... most of our families and friends came... on the first pic, that's buddy buddies Ethan and Kuya Chuy. Next are the Scrapaholics, then the young ones my cousin Angelo, Gale, Luigi and his special friend (daw?) Airam. Then, my Tita Cora, Anna, Baby DK and Janice and here's the youngest guest of Chuy, baby Sharie, my inaanak. Lastly, the oldies (sowee!) Tita Vicky, Tito Rene and my Mom. I would also like to thank my inlaws for coming in full force.

The blowing of the candle...My baby boy is now a little boy! We served meryenda sena... Baked Ribs with Hickory sauce, Spaghetti with meat sauce, Pancit Bami, Pork Hamonado, Arroz Valenciana, Chicken Shanghai, Mini Puto, Maja Blanca, Brownies, Choco cupcakes and Sugar cookies. Thanks to my wonderful cooks, my Mom, my brother Jay and SIL Cheche.

The Games... my cousin Len and I prepared a few games both for kids and adults. Here's the first game, Hephep-Hooray Kids Edition. Pia, ate Liezl's youngest won this game.

Then comes the Adults Edition... believe me, Pia's nanay, ate Liezl won! Well practiced ang mag-inang ito or maybe, they are always watching Wowowee!

The Pop Balloon, the new version of hitting the pot where the celebrant will just pop the balloon and exchange those little balls inside for prizes.

The all-time favorite Pabitin!

Here's our favorite game... Catch my Egg Dear! Everytime we have a party here at home, we always play this game. The wife will throw the egg and the husband should catch it, then vice versa. But the twist here is they have to step backward every round. Bernie and Peewee Barsana won this game.

Opening of Gifts... this is his fave among all! A remote control jeep with lights and music from playmate Ethan! Thank you so much for the precious presents!

I'm 5! I made this simple page for the wishes. I asked the guests to write a little note for Chuy. I used here Scenic Route Celebrate pps, cardstock Colorbox fluid chalk ink and AC Thickers cardstock letter stickers.

Happy Birthday Chuy! Mommy, Daddy and Kuya Luigi love you the most baby... we wish you grow up to be a good boy and a good Christian. Thanks for looking, as always!


Chiqui said...

Happy Birthday Chuy! Thanks for a great party. We had fun. Nice pics, well documented ang bday. Looking forward to the bday layout.

Chowchow said...

Looks like one smashing party Issa. Wish we could be there...

Liza said...

Wow! Ang saya naman ng bday celebration ni Chuy! Ganda ng mga projects that you did for his bday. Creative Mommy! Kitang-kita ang happiness ni Chuy and ng guests.

bjay said...

wow, issa! you are one mean, helluva machine! I love all your projects!

kaswerteng anak ni chuy - happy birthday, big boy!

~tita bjay