Thursday, December 31, 2009


... In a few hours from now, 2009 will be history! A lot of things to be thankful for, remembered, learned and be kept.

First of all, I am thankful for my family for they remained to be my inspiration and happiness through the years. Luigi experienced his first love and first heartbreak, while Lorenzo was brave enough to go to school alone without me hanging around the waiting area of the school. We welcomed the daughter of my brother Jay and Che to the family on May 5 and they named her Margarette. My Mom celebrated her 70th birthday in good health and lots of dancing. Then, my brother Louie went home in November for a month of relaxing and bonding with the kids.

This year was like a roller coaster ride of everything! There was a major twist in my life which made me decide to go back to school. So far, I'm on my last 9 units and enjoying my second course. My LB Scrapaholics family remained intact and solid moving on to our 5th year of scrapping and friendship. And speaking of scrapping, I'm a bit slow this year... I was able to finish 86 layouts, 5 mini albums and 9 desk calendars only. Sad that Scrapping Kids closed, but I have 3 design team assignments namely Scrapbooks Hawaii, Ad This and my recent, Creative Scrappers. To top this year's ride, I celebrated my 41st birthday! I may have gone through a rough ride, but I'm doing my best to move on and live life once again. It was like running a race with my eyes focused on the finish line, a race where I only competed with myself... alone! These are challenges of life that will make ourselves stronger and that I believe somebody up there will never fail me this time.

On a brighter note, I was able to enjoy a little self-pampering... got myself a new laptop, N79, Creative MP3 and a-320gb passport storage. Now I simply can't live without these little gadgets. Mid this year, I was able to explore Bohol with my eldest, cousins and Tita Elsa. Then just lately, I was able to attend my highschool reunion! Its been 25 years since I graduated from highschool and it was sooo nice to see my old classmates, teachers and friends, and my Alma Mater Letran again. All these are simple personal blessings I am truly thankful for.

And so, life MUST go on... I hope 2010 will be a better year for everyone, good health for me, my husband and my family, maybe a new career after my schooling, peace of mind and heart and a clean and honest election for our country.

Happy New Year to Everyone, from my family Dodo, Luigi, Lorenzo and Me!

THANK YOU 2009 and thanks for looking, as always..


alin said...

What a great recap of 20009.. Details are all there,moments captured.. I en
d reading it
Happy New Year!

Wati Basri said...

happy new year babe! a lil late ...sorry!
thanks for being such a great supporter to SK all this while...i thank God for that :)
and thanks for the frienship too
cheers to a better 2010!

YTET said...

Very well said my dear. Just remember, will always be here to rock your world again this 2010. Happy new Year!