Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project Life: 1st Four Months of 2012

I am joining the Project Life mania too! I got my Cobalt kit in March and had the chance to play with it this summer. I am bit confuse on what photos to use and still adjusting on the working area of each pockets. Its something new and exciting to try on...


Summer just ended and school is back this week. This week is my last week before life finally goes back to reality! So just making the most out of my vacay, I literally spent my last 2 weeks scrapbooking, catching up with service, doing designer's assignments and simply editing tons of photos. I will be occupied by next week with new lectures on 3 courses and 3 subjects on MBA. Crossing my fingers for the countdown!

Lorenzo is finally back to school! Brought him to his classroom yesterday and waited for him for 2 1/2 hours in the canteen. Glad I survived the idle time with my hands doing nothing at all. Luigi is enjoying his 2 weeks off, he's taking things easy and forgetting the enrollment. Weather here is getting cooler but rainy. During the summer, I don't want to leave the house because of the extreme hot touch of the sun, now I'm afraid to get my toes and shoes all wet. Oh well, what can ever be so right!

I have a new scrapping assignment for the coming six months and I am sooo excited about it! Will be popping the news by the weekend... TFL!


Kathleen (Kath) B. Hernandez said...

Wonderful work, Issa! I have been hearing about Project Life but haven't dipped my hands into as of yet. I just started with Smash Booking with (1) thick notebook or book to fill up.

I thought project life is similar to Smash Booking but seeing your photos made me realize that it's a different kind of project. =)

Thanks for sharing!

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

uy ano un? sounds new to me!
nag-aadjust pa rin ako sa project life, working on a small area is getting to be a big deal to me. Kung tutuusin dapat madali na, pero ewan!