Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Time!

It's Monday morning again and it's my Daddy's 70th birthday today... if he's still alive! You can see how busy I am lately, my scrap-table shows it all. I have a deadline to meet for the Scrappin' Moms Idol, we are on the last round before the finals on October 6. And still have to do the finishing touches of Joanne's client's scrapbook album. I'm a little paranoid too because Enzo had cat scratches on his right foot and he had his first anti-rabbies shot yesterday. Means there are still 4 shots lined up within a month time... kainis, gastos na naman! Unexpected expenses which can be avoid sana if his yaya was closely guarding him. Yes, I have a yaya finally... but i'm really thinking if she will stay after this incident. Grrr...

I don't want to spoil my week, I have lots of things to do and a lot of deadlines to meet. I have to put myself in a good mood, so I have to think of happy thoughts... scrapping! scrapping! and my kids!

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