Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scrapped Gifts...

My Mommy is leaving for the States this Friday... she'll be visiting her sister Auntie Linda and her family in the East Coast and my cousins Jigs, Reggie and Marilyn in LA, California. Just thinking of what presents to bring them really gives me a headache. Hmmm! I think altered clocks are nice presents for the whole family. I scrapped the whole day yesterday and finished some more layouts for my new pamangkin Graciana Sybil. I had a great time making layouts for Gracie, trying my hands on girly layouts... something new for me! So mga PINSAN, hope you guys like my little something for you, just returning all the favors for sending me lots of scrapping things.

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WQGraham said...

Issa, I just checked out your blog. It's very professional looking and maybe I'm biased, but I loved the pictures of Gracie.

I hope you continue to write and update the blog.

We'll miss you when your Mom is here visiting.

Uncle Bill