Monday, September 24, 2007

You Make Me Smile!

Diane tagged me! Well, it's my first time to be tagged and I don't know what to do! Sorry Diane I have to text you, but now I know what to do... and you made me smile and later laughed! Hahaha! Thanks for tagging me and making me smile. I feel we are so close not just because of the Idol but because we became friends in the web. You always have a helping hand which unselfishly gives.

Timi, my partner and seatmate at the LB Scrapaholics, thank you so much for all the lessons you taught me and in the end, for putting a smile on my face, alam mo na yon!

Ate Liezl, for being a big sister I never had. You made me smile in the panic world of kids!

Dra. Rita, for making me feel the real meaning of "friendship"... and the free consultation fees of my kid's check up! Hahaha, O hindi lang smile yan ha, laugh pa!

Helga, a super mommy to baby Ike. You make me smile because I remember the days when I had Chuy. The long time that we were trying to have another baby, makes me recall those moments when I see you with Ike.

Ella Go, for the cups of coffee and chat every morning, thanks for the smile!

Joanne, you make me smile! Thank you so much for your encouragement and constructive criticisms.

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Anonymous said...

hello Issa,

Your family is here in Newark,DE looking at your blog. We were wondering what the picture, "you make me smile" was. Was it hearts. Hello from Uncle Rober/Auntie Esther, Mommy, Auntie Linda/Uncle Bill, Auntie Cely, Gigs