Friday, September 7, 2007

Meet my Third Baby!

Luigi is my first, Lorenzo is my second and EOS is my third baby! I finally got my first digital slr just this morning. It's just a hand-me-down from my cousin Ronald, but I don't mind because I believe he also took care of this baby so much. Plus, I'm a little short of budget too, he offered me a pay-when-able deal, kaya who can still resist this baby!

I realized, I have to get a good camera. When you are into scrapbooking you have to have good quality pictures. It's not just focused on your style and stash. I have a lot of things to learn now... I have to read the book Ronald lend me... wish me luck on my new baby! I hope to make more good layouts from now on, with the help of my Canon EOS 350D.

1 comment:

Ella said...

nice deal! lucky girl.. kasama din yan sa wish list ko.