Saturday, May 29, 2010

Here comes the RAKs!

I've never been this lucky with RAKS! I'm just so thankful to all those kind hearted people who are so generous in giving a scrapbooker's desire. I also want to thank my cousins Marilyn and Reggie, Ronald and Nancy, and BFF Timi for handing me all these.

... I won the Creative Scrappers' March RAK sponsored by My Little Bit of Whimsy, THANKS Stephanie! She makes this baked-clay goodies and are really nice scrapbook embies.

... This came from Natalie Elphinstone of Australia! My bestfriend Timi texted me because she got the package already. Just another unexpected kindness!

... This came from Zoa Barker! She had a week-long birthday RAK with a daily and grand draw and guess what I won? Ems Foronda PMed me and told me I won the grand prize and here it is...

My hands are itching to play with these! THANKS EVERYONE... TFL!

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