Wednesday, June 2, 2010

... Blessed!

Yummy Prima flowers are finally here!

Been so blessed to have a very generous Auntie in the States! She, my Uncle Bill and my cousins are very supportive on every craft I venture. I finally have a MM precision paper trimmer with a self-sharpening blade, been dreaming to have this a long time ago. And I have a new Coach bag, wooooot! They send me these and lot for my two boys...

Wish to THANK my family in US for all the goodies, my son Luigi for understanding that sometimes I will not be there because I will be busy soon, my family and husband for the encouragement and more support in this new field I chose. I'm happy to see my professor Sir Bats after two months of summer vacation, I missed him for sure.

Going on with life... I'm a little hyper this week! I went to my school last Monday to enroll my last 12 units, only to find out that I have enough to finally get my board exam. So all the time I was relaxing and vacationing, and planning the coming 5 months of my life, everything just POPPED UP and needs to fast track the rest of my teaching plans. Now I have to rush things to complete my requirements, apply for the board and REVIEW! Easy to say but quite hard to do. But I realized something in the middle of all these, I am still blessed because good things are coming on my way (just a little bit fast!).


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Naddy said...

ohhh yummy2 goodies issa :) Lucky you! :)