Monday, October 15, 2007

Mommyla is Home!

Mommy is finally home! Her arrival was one day delayed because her plane leaving from Philadelphia had the tires changed for 2 hours, means her connecting flight from Detroit to Nagoya, Japan had to leave her. She came on time naman last night. The 2 boys were so excited to see her, miss na miss ang Mommyla nila!
Enzo just can't get his eyes off on Thomas the Train and the stuffed toys Kuya JE and Ian gave him, while Kuya Luigi kept his jacket and shirts at once.

I want to thank my generous family in the States for all the pasalubong for my whole family!... My Uncle Bill and Auntie Linda, cousins Dionne and Mike, Donna and Seth, Reggie and Marilyn, Jigs and Camille, and May Ann and Edison. I'm so overwhelmed and really speechless for sending me all this scrapbooking "luho"! Maraming Salamat talaga!


Diane said...

all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! DAMI!!!!!! heheheh!

Ella said...

A BIG WOW ISSA!!!. Dami dami!!!. Happy for You!!!!